Setup TeamCity for a Specific Build Agent

Setup TeamCity for a Specific Build Agent

If you ever run into a scenario where you need to run your TeamCity build configuration step against a particular build agent there is a simple solution for you built right into TeamCity.

1. Navigate to your build configuration step by either selecting it from the Overview page or selecting your project, and then the build configuration step.
2. Select “Edit Configuration Settings” at the top-right of the page.
3. Select “Agent Requirements” from the left-hand side of the page.
4. Underneath the “Explicit Requirements” section, select “Add new requirement”.
5. Select the parameter name “”.
6. Use the default condition of “equals”.
7. Within the value field, add the name of your TeamCity build agent that you would like your process to run against.

Note: These steps are based on TeamCity 9 but have been verified to still work with the latest version of TeamCity 10.


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