Software Engineer

Cleveland, OH


C#, JavaScript, CSS, HTML, SQL


Microsoft Azure


ASP.Net Core, Entity Framework Core, Bootstrap

Software Architecture

Being involved with software in different industries and project sizes has taught me many lessons on the various ways a solution can be architected. There are many factors to consider when choosing an architectural pattern and experience has been the best teacher in my knowledge over the years.

Web Design & Development

I have enjoyed both working as a team and independently on several web applications for both internal and external customers. Involvement with projects and teams of various sizes has given me a greater insight into the challenges and goals for each individual project. Working on both the front end and back end of web applications has given me an appreciation for each aspect required.

Data Migration

Extensive experience migrating data from legacy systems to new infrastructure. Maintaining ongoing ETL routines for both transactional and reporting purposes. Utilizing SQL Server Integration Services primarily.

Latest Posts

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If you’re a .Net developer with a Mac and love Visual Studio, you’ve probably tried out the fullish Visual Studio application that was released back in September of 2017. My experience[…]

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View Your HTML File Directly From Visual Studio Code

One thing I noticed when using VS Code that there was no quick action to view your website changes from this text editor. In the past I would use Notepad++[…]

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Custom Exceptions

If you’re not already subscribed to Steve Smith’s Dev tips mailing list, I highly recommend signing up for it here. He provides awesome quick tips. Today’s tip was around custom[…]

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